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Quick Pay Options

ARC-ip Logo Final.jpg

Fees & Payments

(Registration fee $50 due in 7 days
 Credit Card Fee: 3% processing

F- Findlay Drury Inn      $300 Double &  $450 Private

A- Athens Baymont Inn      $300 Double &  $450 Private

New Site

S-Springfield Comfort Suites $250 Double &  $450 Private

FB-Fairborn Comfort Inn   $280 Double &  $450 Private

D-Dayton Drury Inn   $300 Double &  $450 Private

M-Middletown Drury Inn   $320 Double &  $490 Priv.

W-Wilmington Inn 
$250 Double &  $450 Private

D-Dublin Drury Inn 
$280 Double &  $450 Private

Ch-Chillicothe Quality Inn 
$320 Double &  $490 Private


H-Sharonville Drury Inn 
$380 Double &  $550 Private

48 Hour Program Fees

Sprinfield 48hr DIP
$220 Shared 

$420 Private

Fairborn 48hr DIP
$220 Shared 

$420 Private

48hr DIP

$220 Shared 

$420 Private

48hr DIP

$220 Shared 

$420 Private

Middletown48hr DIP
$220 Shared 

$420 Private

Sharonville 48hr DIP
$270 Shared 

$470 Private

DIP rates vary according to availability of indigent and discounted sleeping arrangements as well as location.

30, 13, & 8 hour Program Fees

30hr  is $230 Nonresidential
This must be approved by your judge.  

8hr Remedial
$25 part of DIP

Reschedule Fee

Other Documents 
(Special Investigators)

Other Documents & No Show-No Call Fee


If you need a substance abuse assessment please call or text us for a date & time.

If you need a substance abuse assessment please call or text us for a date & time.

If you choose not to use quick pay, please do not send personal checks. Money orders only.

All private rooms and payments  are subject to that site's hotel availability. 

Be advised that the appropriate releases need to be provided. Also, fax any warrants to 937-688-1550. 

RESCHEDULING FEES: There is no rescheduling fees if you call or text us and let us know you cannot make it to the program on your scheduled date. A $25 fee for clients who do not show up for their scheduled program and do not let us know. Again, if you call us, the fee is waived. Multiple reschedules may result in a $50 fee.

*Indigent funding is for low income individuals. All reduced priced program fees for individuals are subject to approval at the time it is billed to the state. If for any reason the billing is rejected by the state or there is an attempt to submit fraudulent information, the individual will be responsible for the remainder of the fee.