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A  3.75%  Credit Card Fee will be applied

If you have not paid for a class, you are only pre-registered. 

All payments must be made 10 business days in advance for a fully guaranteed room.

Hamilton & Clermont County clients must pay by court assigned pay-by date.  

Other Fees & Services

Assessment $100-$300

Email/ Fax Report to 3rd Party
(Email signed release to us first for verification at

$100-$200 depending on how difficult

Suspended License Consultation
$50 for 10 Minutes 

Out of State Forms $150-$300

(depending on how complicated)

-you must provide the form and complete your information-

Out of State Forms + Send Report $300

3rd Party/ Special Investigation Phone Virtual Consultation
$50 per 10 minutes 

Virtual Clinical Review  $100 per 10 minutes (this includes DIP file review) and completion report

Virtual Counseling $20-$90 per half-hour

Clinical Review in person at hotel location $200 per 15 minutes (this includes DIP file review) and completion report with ARC clinical or counseling assistant. 

DIP rates vary according to availability of indigent and discounted sleeping arrangements as well as location.

Additional Services on Site

If a client needs additional services during the DIP there are additional fees depending on the service requested. The DIP cost includes sleeping room, classroom sessions in the conference room, 3 meals served in conference room or breakfast area of the hotel, and your completion report being sent to your court and attorney only. 

2023 General Release of Information.jpg

Rescheduling, Cancellation, and Refunds

Scheduling your program, then not showing up may initiate a $25-$100 reschedule fee. 

If you leave the program for any reason, it is up to the court on how to proceed. Also, you will need to repay. 

Cancellation Policy: If you completely cancel your DIP for any reason, cancellation must be made 30 business days prior to the program and there is no refund. If done 31 days or more prior to your program date a registration fee of $100 is applied. 

We will will not refund family members. 

Please do not contact us for a refund for any missed DIP dates older than 90days, there is no refund. 

*If there is a sleeping room issue at your hotel, ARC will do everything we can to remedy the issue; however it will not initiate a fee reduction or refund of any kind. 

If you need a substance abuse assessment please call or text us for a date & time.

All private rooms and payments  are subject to that site's hotel availability. 

*Indigent funding is for low income individuals who are on SSDI or have an issued Medical Card from the Ohio Dept of Human Services.
All reduced priced program fees for individuals are subject to approval at the time it is billed to the state. If for any reason the billing is rejected by the state or there is an attempt to submit fraudulent information, the individual will be responsible for the remainder of the fee. 

These funds are provided by OhioMHAS, effective June 18,2024  the funding is exhausted.
What this means is after June 13-16 no assistance is available.

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