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FAQs: Here are a list of frequently asked questions and answers to those questions. If you still have questions not located on this list feel free to call our office lines and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have!

Where/ When/ How can I pay?
You can use a quick pay button on this website (no additional fees are charged) or paypal (paypal fees average 10-20 a transaction that you can pay when you arrive). Also, some courts allow you to pay with cash or money order when you arrive, please text us if you plan on paying on site. 
BTW - if you want a private room you will need to prepay. 

Where to go at the hotel:When arriving at your program at a hotel, please ask for the conference room and check in with ARC staff.


Is there anything I should not bring?
Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, Open Food, Open Drinks.
Use your best judgement, as we do inspect all luggage upon arrival and will notify you if anything is forbidden.


Cell Phones/ iPads/ Laptops: You may bring your cell phone, iPad, and Laptop; however, during the program you must turn them off and place them in on your table by you. 


Can we smoke inside of the hotel?
The hotels that have smoking rooms are the Quality Inn in Chillicothe and Wilmington Inn. All other locations must smoke outside of the hotel; thus you are given smoke breaks throughout the day and evening. 
E-Cigarette/ Vaping: Please call the office for instructions. 

Can we order food?
Yes, you may have food delivered from a restaurant. Also Deal-Dash can be used for food delivery. All food delivery must be done between 6-8pm. 
May I bring home cooked food? 
No. Factory sealed food or restaurant delivered only.


All of the hotels provide breakfast, usually buffets.
Lunch tends includes sandwiches, soup, salads, chips, fruit, & cookies.

Sharonville, Middletown, Dayton, & Dublin Drury Inns:
Dinner and breakfast buffets (this includes Thursday night).
Fairborn Baymont Inn, Springfield Comfort Suites, & Wilmington Inn
Fairborn & Springfield provide breakfast buffets
Wilmington Inn provides continental breakfast.
Dinner at these location are: Friday night is Pizza & Vegetable tray

Special Diets:
If you are vegetarian, vegan, or prefer special dietary items, please bring these in sealed and new packaging.
ARC provides: Cup-O-Noodles; Cheese Crackers; Chips; and other snacks for free. 


What about my Medications? 
Please bring prescription medication that you need.
Medicatons must be checked in and counted the first night-bring. They also are subject to recount daily. ONLY bring the amount needed for the weekend & in its prescription bottle. If you bring 100's of pills, your medication will b e counted last while you wait in the conference room as they are counted in front of their owner. So please, only bring enough for the weekend.  

Examples of acceptable medication bottles or verification
Do not bring pill planner with pills without verificaton.

OAC 5122-29-12 P) Pharmaceutical services:(2) Clients who take prescription medications and/or over-the-counter medications may "self-medicate" at driver intervention programs. Each driver intervention program that permits clients to self-medicate shall have written policies and/or procedures for client self-medication that include, at a minimum, the following:(a) Policy prohibiting clients from having prescription medication in their possession at the program site or while involved in program activities off site, unless required by a physician for medical necessity.(b) Procedures for obtaining and accounting for controlled substances from clients at the time of admission to or upon entering the program and return of same, as appropriate, at the time of discharge/departure.(c) Procedures for storing medications in a locked cabinet.(d) Procedures for reporting theft or loss of over the-counter medications or prescription medication.

Examples of Service Dogs


Not a Service Dog

Service Dog:
I have a service dog, may I bring him/her?

We welcome service dogs that are real service dogs, please see below the ADA's definition. 
The ADA states: "Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Examples of such work or tasks include guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, pulling a wheelchair, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, reminding a person with mental illness to take prescribed medications, calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during an anxiety attack, or performing other duties. Service animals are working animals, not pets. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA."

We will need ask two ADA approved questions:
(1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability, and
(2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform?


A true service dog is well behaved and ONLY focused on the individual the animal assists. Because there is a trend for individuals to print fake paperwork, put fake tags on their pet, then attempt to bring their pet to the DIP we must scrutinize a service dogs behavior. Keep in mind, we have a lot of clients in the same room and we must work to assist all clients; thus, if we have an individual with a fake service dog, it places risks to our other clients. If a service dog proves to be a distraction, or acts in a manner not compliant to a service dog, you will be asked to leave the program with no refund.

Can my family or friends visit while at the program? 
Visitors are not allowed. 


Who do I share a room with? Males are roomed with males and females with females. 

Baybridge Inn Fairborn

Drury Inn Dayton & Dublin

Drury Inn Sharonville & Middletown

Quality Inn, Chillicothe

Springfield Comfort Suites

Wilmington Inn

Shared Rooms: Shared Rooms are 2-3 people to a room because the room is a suite and the couch has a pull out bed.


Double Rooms: Almost all of our locations have double sleeping rooms versus suites, these rooms are assigned two clients to a room. If the hotel is over booked and we have to use a hotel roll-away bed (which are very comfortable), the client who opts for the roll-away receives a discounted program rate.  

Private Rooms: Private rooms are available at an additional fee. Private rooms must be paid for in advance.


Can I have stuff dropped off? Yes, you can have small items dropped at the front desk to include clothing, sealed cigarettes, or cash. Before they drop these items off they should let you know. Also, the items should be in a bag that has your name on it. All items dropped for you while you are at the program are subject to search by ARC staff. 


Please bring extra $25 for the remedial points if you choose to sign up for the credit.
When you are arrested for a substance use associated driving offense like OVI, Reckless Operation, or Physical Control. 

72 & 48 Hour Residential Program Details
Arrival & Dismissal: 72/48hr programs
Arrival is 3:00-5:30 on your program start date.
72hr is dismissed at 3:00-5:00pm Sunday.
48hr is dismissed at 5:30-6pm Saturday.
(You are not allowed to leave the hotel during this time frame)


2018 ARC DIP Course Schedule Springfield, Fairborn, Dayton & Wilmington
(Sharonville (H), Middletown (M), Dayton (D), & Chillicothe (Ch) Friday and Saturday are switched around)
(Breaks are given every 60-90 minutes)
3:00-5:30PM    Check in
5:30-6:30PM   Rules, Client Rights, Confidentiality, Release, File Completion
6:30-8:00PM   American Addict – (Film 90min.) Clients order food
                          (Intakes, File review, Order Food, Escort to Rooms)
8:00-9PM        Lock Down - Escort to Rooms
Friday   A & D Lectures and Small Group Activities (Groups are on Saturday at H/M/D/Ch)
6:45AM           Wake-up then at 7:15AM Escort to breakfast
8:00AM           MADD Part 1– Lives Affected (film-27 min.) discussion & handout - Stats
9:15AM          Client Intro-PPP-DIP Experience/ OVI Story (1:15 or less)
12:00PM         Lunch
12:45PM         Consequences/ OVI Expenses – Adding it up/ Jury Trial (MADD part 2)
1:45PM           Intervention Movie (Alyson & Gabe)
3:00PM           Understanding Additions – Signs and Symptoms (AoD Handout 4)
5:15PM           Cycles & Triggers, Family Effects (AoD Handout 5)
6:00                 Dinner (48 hour clients can leave)
6:45-7:30PM   World’s Most Dangerous Drug: Meth
7:30-8:00PM   General discussion and questions
8PM                 Escort to Rooms
Saturday: Certified Remedial Driving Course (Remedial is on Friday at H/M/D/Ch)
6:45AM           Wake-up calls then 7:15AM Escort to breakfast
8:00AM           DUI Dead in 5 Seconds  & Discussion
8:30AM           Intruction & Activity: Look up Driver's License and Court info
9:00AM          FLI Workbooks
12:30PM         Lunch
1:30PM           Situational Driving Pages 24-End/ Sentencing Standards (RD HO 2)
2:45-5PM        Alcohol, Drugs and Driving (WorkBook) (Break in the middle)
5:15:PM          Remedial Test/ Grade tests/ Dr. Phil- How You Look Drunk
6:00-6:45PM   Dinner
6:45-8PM        Marijuana Nation (Film {50 minutes}and Discussion)
8PM                 Escort to Rooms
Sunday          AA, Family Dyamics, Action Plans
7:30                 Wake up calls
8:30AM          Room Clean out/ Brunch
9:00AM           Intervention (Movie)
10:00               Personal Change Plan 2-8 (1:15 Group size or less if needed)
11:00AM         Family Dynamics
12:00               Lunch
1:00PM           AA Speaker
2:30PM           Personal Change Plan pgs 9-end / Tragedy and Hope (20min)
3:00PM           Surveys and Jeopardy / Catch up any undone items)
4:00PM           Dismissal, all car keys and medications returned.

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Office Hours : Monday-Sunday 9-6

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