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Other Documents:
$25 per court/ agency
$25 Unofficial Version of Driver’s License


Please scroll down for instructions regarding the following:
Form 2326
Additional DIP Completion Reports
Additional Emails
Verification of Registration (No Charge)
Out of State Referral Agency Documnets and Forms

Reports for Special Investigations

Ohio Dept of Public Safety – Alcohol/ Drug Reinstatement
Fee varies depending on level of review and assistance needed
Form 2326-Completion
Verification of completion of treatment $100 (you must have this to begin the process)
Verification of six months of sobriety (depends on details)


Additional Services on Site

If a client needs additional services during the DIP there are additional fees. The DIP cost includes sleeping rooms, classroom sessions in the conference room, 3 meals served in conference room or breakfast area of the hotel, and your completion report being sent to your court and attorney only. 

Additional Completion Reports
To forward a completion report to a separate agency or court other than your referring court or attorney or an associated treatment center: $100.00

Additional Certification Information
To send certification or program information to an out of state agency $100.
(We have made every attempt to publish certification information on this website)


Additional emails:
$50 per email for confirmation of registration to employers only after a Release of Information is completed; please keep the one we send you, that way you will have that available to utilize. 


Verification of Registration is emailed at no charge upon request to the following: referring court
referring attorney

Referral agency (usually an out of  state agency or treatment center)

General Fees:
Additional attachments to any report may solicit additional fees.

Out of state offenses – additional form completion fees
2-10 pages or less: $100-$200
This must be paid before we complete the form(s)

90 Days after your program completion to an additional agency:
1. Email us the form and permission in the email to release information
2. Go to click and pay to pay the identified amount (or call with a credit card)
3. Email or text us that the payment is complete.
We will then print and complete the forms, fax to any identified number and email you a copy within 10 working days of your program completion.
If you have completed your program within 90 days of the request, we will still have a valid release; thus your completion report and out of state forms will be completed within 10 working days. (Providing you have given us all contact information for sending your forms).

Reports for Special Investigations  DIP Screen Report: $50 to be emailed after notarized release received. 
Verbal Info $25.00 (verbal attendance, program date and recommendation) after notarized release received. 
(We must have the Release of Information (ROI -top of page) verified by client before we fax or email a report.)

1. Email or  client name,  DOB, & current phone number  with the signed and dated ROI as an attachment.  (ARC-ip ROI includes permission to email or fax the document.)
2. Go to
quick pay and pay the identified amount ($50) .
3. Email or text us that the payment is complete.
We will then contact the client, verify signature and permission, then fax or email the requested completion report to the identified fax number or email.  

Please be advised: 
We will NOT meet with you unless you schedule and pay the appropriate fees;
We will NOT give information on a client over the phone;
We will NOT alter the established protocol.


Other Documents:
$25 per court/ agency
$25 Unofficial Version of Driver’s License


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