72Hour & 48 Hour Weekend OVI Programs

All clients scheduling for a weekend program need to pay $100 at the time of registration, then pay in full by the Monday before the program. If you do not prepay you may not be allowed in the program

Central ohio

Columbus Drury Inn.jpg

Dublin Drury Inn (Columbus)
72hr DIP $190/ $330/  $530
48hr DIP  $140/ $250/  $450
Indigent Private $390

Grove City SLeeping Room.jpg

Grove City Drury Inn

72hr DIP $190/ $330/  $530
48hr DIP  $140/ $250/  $450

Indigent Private $390

Grove CIty Drury.jpg

Indigent cost is based on approval & is usually SSDI recipients or medical cards given by the Dept. of Human Services. 

North & East Ohio

Piqua Red Roof Inn.jpg

Piqua Red Roof Inn
72hr DIP $120/ $250/ $450
48hr DIP $120/ $250/  $350

Indigent Private is $310

Athens Baymont Inn.jpg

Athens Quality Inn
72hr DIP  $210/ $350/ $550
48hr DIP  $200/ $250/ $450
Indigent Private is $410

Findlay drury.jpg
QI Chillicothe.jpg
Mason Drury Inn.jpg
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Rescheduling, Cancellation, and Remedial Fees

All pre-program rescheduling fees related to COVID-19 are waived. 
All pre-program rescheduling (moving dates) will not solicit any fees. 

Additional Remedial Fee of $25: ARC does not charge you for your remedial class unless you want & need it.
(Some programs add this fee in whether you need it or not, then advertise ‘free remedial’.)


If you leave the program for any reason you must repay for your program.
(Even if you leave we have to pay for the hotel and food for the scheduled weekend. Circumstances will be taken into consideration.) 

No Show: If you schedule a class, then do not contact us to let us know you can’t make it, a fee $50 may be applied.
(Circumstances will be taken into consideration. )

Canceling your program completely will initiate a refund minus $100 for schedule processing;

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