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Connecting Dots

Click on locations for directions, dates, and price or use display below. 


Sharonville Drury Inn
Shared Room DIP $240(CI)/$370
Private Room DIP $570

Springfield Comfort Suites
72Hr DIP
Shared $310

Private $510

48Hr Private Only $550
Sharonville, Grove City, Polaris, Dublin

Wilmington Court Only

30Hr Nonresidential DIP $250

Be advised that except for Hispanic Program, clients must bring their own interpreters. Usually the court will provide an interpreter; however, in cases where they do not a family member or friend are welcome to assist client complete the program. 

Be advised that the ARC-ip DIP is a court-ordered diversion program - you must be referred by a court post offense or an attorney post offense. Appropriate completion documentation will be sent to your court and/or attorney only. You will get a receipt at the end of the program to use as needed. 

Out of state paperwork completion requires additional fees, $100-$250 depending on how lengthy. Also, if your offense is out of state and you need an assessment, this is an additional $100-$200, again depending on complexity. 

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Payment is due at time of registration. 

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