April 9-12 Findlay 

April 9-12 Middletown Drury Inn Full

Added: April 13-16 Middletown Drury Inn 

Monday Arrival 3-5pm Private $430

April 16-19 Chillicothe Special Pricing-Full

April 16-19 Springfield - Full

April 23-26 Dublin Drury Inn-Full 

Thursday Arrival 3-5pm 

April 23-26 Sharonville Drury Inn-Full 

Added: April 27-30 Sharonville Drury Inn 

Monday Arrival 3-5pm Private $430

April 30 Piqua and Wilmington - Full

Because of COVID-19 the following schedule changes are in place to reduce the size of each program and added weekday programs: 

Canceled: April 9-12 Fairborn Comfort  Inn 

Canceled: April 16-19 Athens Quality Inn 

Added: April 16-19 Chillicothe - Full
Thursday - Sunday 

Added: April 13-16 Middletown Drury Inn 

Monday Arrival 3-5pm Private $430

Added: April 27-30 Sharonville Drury Inn 

Monday Arrival 3-5pm Private $430

(Reduced Rate Privates are only for added, weekday dates, after April 2-5 no weekend programs will offer it. Also, it must be approved by the director. 

72hr DIP $160/ $300/ $500
48hr DIP  $150/ $230/ $430

Athens Quality Inn
Fairborn Comfort Inn

Dublin Drury Inn (Columbus)
Findlay Drury Inn (North of Lima)
Dayton Drury Inn
Mr Orab Countryside Inn

All clients must prepay at least $100 for their program by the Monday prior to their attendance.

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Contact Us/ Quick Registration

8 Hour Adult Remedial Class

2 Point Credit * 12 Point Reinstatement * Court Order * Underage OVI

Addictions Resource Center, INC is certified for all Municipal Courts in the state of Ohio including Hamilton County Municipal Criminal (not all DIPs are approved). 

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Owned and Operated by Veterans 

Over 25 years Knowledge, Experience, & Integrity

W. L. Houser-Thomas PsyD, LICDC-CS Exec. Director & Services Supervisor

ARC DIP Pandemic Protocol:

ARC Pandemic Kits will include the following:

Bleach Spray - Paper Towels - Rubbing Alcohol
Lysol Spray - Gloves - Forehead Temperature Device or Strip
Antiseptic Wipes, and Masks are on order

Staff- Do not let anyone have your pen
Tell clients to get a pen and keep it

Night Staff carefully wipe all table tops & chair tops with Rubbing Alcohol & Paper Towels.

Wear gloves when checking luggage, interacting with clients

Anyone who is ill can not attend while they are ill, you will be sent home.

Clients, if you want a mask please bring it. All conference rooms are spacious and we will spread the tables out.

We have reduced the client tally to approx 20 per location.
Bring anything hygienic that you feel you need.

If you have questions or want to reschedule please call your court if you are Hamilton County, Clark County, or Middletown Municipal. If you are any other court please text us at 937-767-0135.

Call or Text:
937-767-0178 / 0135

Fax: 937-688-1550

Office Hours : Monday-Sunday 9-6

Emails  & Texts are checked 24-7