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Connecting Dots

Click on locations for directions, dates, and price or use display below. 


Sharonville Drury Inn
Shared Room DIP $240(CI)/$370
Private Room DIP $570

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Springfield Comfort Suites
72Hr DIP
Shared $300

Private $500

48Hr Private Only $550
Sharonville, Grove City, Polaris, Dublin

Wilmington Court Only

30Hr Nonresidential DIP $250

Be advised that except for Hispanic Program, clients must bring their own interpreters. Usually the court will provide an interpreter; however, in cases where they do not a family member or friend are welcome to assist client complete the program. 

Be advised that the ARC-ip DIP is a court-ordered diversion program - you must be referred by a court post offense or an attorney post offense. Appropriate completion documentation will be sent to your court and/or attorney only. You will get a receipt at the end of the program to use as needed. 

Pre-Register Here

Thanks for submitting!

You may pre-register without payment, but this does not guarantee a spot in the program until you pay in full. 

Payment is due at time of registration, payment arrangements can be made.

If you have not paid in full 10 days prior to your program, your program date is no longer secure. 

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